Abajo offers our version of traditional agave spirit service. Guests can choose or have an Abajo staff member help select a preferred bottle from their extensive list of spirits which is then served at the table with homemade and imported authentic Mexican accompaniments. ‘Sabores Traditionales’ offers a choice of freshly squeezed juices, like grapefruit and agave nectar that can be used to create classic drinks such as the Paloma or Margarita. 

Those interested in sampling a more complex flavor may enjoy the ‘Sangritas’, the non-alcoholic accompaniment to help highlight tequila’s crispy acidity while also cleansing the palate between each peppery sip. A variety of Sangritas are available with spirit service including their Traditional—fresh orange and lime juices, pomegranate, ancho chili, jalapeño, the “Mexico City’ Style—fresh lime and grapefruit juices, maggi, sriracha, the Tomato—fresh tomato and orange juices, lime, minced poblanos and La Chupa Sangre—fresh blood orange and pineapple juices, tomatillo, chipotle. Additionally a range of ‘Sales,’ smoked salts or salt infusions are available along with fresh lime and lemon.

Guests can make use of Abajo’s tequila locker program, preserving a bottle of their choosing and returning to it as they please.